• The candidate must be at least between 9 months and 9 years old. Where a candidate is outside this provision, considerations may be given based on merits.
  • Candidates for our midstream admission, it is advisable to attach all the necessary information (Academic Result, Continuous Assessment, etc.) 
  • Please, the following documents must be attached to the Entrance Form (during submission):
    1. 4 copies of recent passport size picture
    2. Candidate’s Birth Certificate
    3. Candidate’s current school result (midstream admission only)
    4. Candidate’s Immunization Card (Pre – Nursery & Nursery candidates only)
    5. Photocopy of the Data page of International Passport or Drivers License or Permanent Voters Card or National Identification Card of the candidate’s parents/guardians
  • Placement Assessment holds at the school premises as scheduled
  • Candidates (mid-stream admission) are expected to bring along their writing materials. Each candidate is entitled to light refreshment