14 July 1789… “Le Jour de la Bastille” Bastille Day marks a new era in France. It is not only the National day but a Revolutionary one.
Every year, we commemorate the events of the fateful day and here at Crestforth we marked it in an exceptional style.
It begins with the history, a picture story to keep the pupils informed of the events that took place,
The French national anthem “La Marseillaise” composed by Joseph Ruget de Lisle,
Musical presentations and Translation sessions.
The pupils were also live with the National Parade at Champs Elysée where they watched the National colours on display.
The school was adorned with Bleu, Blanc and Rouge which stood for the French Moto “EGALITÉ LIBERTÉ FRATÉNITÉ”
The highlight of our ceremony was a replica of the famous “Tour de France” which was held at the school premises with the pupils as contestants. The Tour de France is an international Cycling competition which is native to the French Community and attracts tourists and cyclists from all over the world.
It is safe to say that our Bastille Day Celebration at Crestforth was worthwhile. VIVE LA FRANCE!! VIVE LA REPUBLIQUE !! 🇫🇷 Wouldn’t you rather be with us for the next ceremony???
Admissions are ongoing now!!