Welcome to Crestforth International School, Port-Hacourt, Nigeria blog. We will like to share with you 8 things to do to prepare your child for school enrollment. 

Most children have a sense of fear and anxiety when they are about to start school or change to a new school. The degree of this uneasiness differs fro child to child but should not be difficult for children. As a result, it is worth knowing what to expect and how to tackle it.

So here, we will be showing you what you can do to prepare your child for school enrollment. 

You Can Do To Prepare Your Child For School Enrollment.

#1. Focus On The Positive

Be positive and enthusiastic about all of the exciting things you know about the school. You can talk about the new friendships they will make. Talk about any exciting facility you know the school has. For instance, here at Crestforth International School, Port-Harcourt, we have an amazing music practice room.

Crestforth International School Music Practice Class

Pupils of CrestForth International School, Port-harcourt, In The Music Practice Room

So if your child enjoys singing or music, you could tell him or her that she’s going to have access to trainign and practice in her new school. If she loves reading, tell her about or amazing library full of educative and interesting books.

#2. Visit the school physicall or virtually

Make sure you really see how the school classroom and some of their facilities look. If you cannot visit the school physically, you can visit the school website to know if the photos of classrooms and other facilities is available on their website. 

You can check out Crestforth International School Photo album to see our facilities and environment. It will give you a better understanding of what to tell your child.

Also, check if there are exciting special events the school organizes for the children.

#3. Encourage them to Ask questions

One of the most precious gifts that parents can give their children is to foster their curiosity. 

By encouraging children to ask their questions about what they see and experience, we help them make the very first steps toward gaining some control over their lives. 

Learning to ask questions is important as it is something that will help them throughout their lives – this includes at school, in work, as well as in relationships and interactions with other people. They are strengthened as individuals and we can help strengthen our society by encouraging our children.

Let them know they can always ask questions concerning any areas they don’t understand. Althought at Crestforth Internationa School Port-Harcourt, our teachers also encourage ther pupils to ask questions, but it will be good that they also hear it from their parents or guardians.

#4. Teach them basic hygeine practices

Your child’s health and well-being can be assured by practicing good personal hygiene. Good hygiene habits can make a difference in your child’s development and growth. Some good hygiene practices to teach them are:

  • Washing their hands after using the bathroom.
  • Covering their mouth and/or nose when coughing or sneezing.
  • Being consious of how neat their environment is and avoiding whatever will get them dirty.

At Crestforth International School Port-harcourt, our environments are always neat and tidy as we make sure everyone has a conducive learning environment. 

#5. Teach them how to eat properly

Teaching your child table manners will help them know how to behave while eating. And it is important they learn this firsthand from their parents.

So teach your child how to observe proper table manners while eating. What to do and what to avoid while eating. You can also teach your child how to use the cutlery.

#6. Read bed time stories to your child

According to research, reading to your child is the best way to support your child’s learning in their early years. 

There is no better way to teach your child new words than to read bedtime stories to them each night. It helps your child learn new words they might not be able to hear every day which will improve their vocabulary and language skills. Reading bedtime stories to your child also helps to improve their memory.

Listening to stories and looking at pictures gives your children the opportunity to develop their imagination. With time, they can begin to predict what might happen to a character or how the story might end. Albert Einstein once stated that imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge has its limits but imagination breeds possibilites.

So make out time to read bedtime stories to your child. You can get colorful story books from any bookshop and read it to your child. 

#7. Teach them how to Sit down and Listen

Your child will need to sit down and listen for a while while being taught in school. 

So, if you child doesn’t like sitting for for longer periods, or is listen for a long period, you should practice that with them. The better the get at listening and sitting, the better they will feel in the classrooms and that will help them comprehend what their teacher says. 

#8. Make sure they are comfortable being away from their home.

Children often don’t like being away from an environment they are already familar with or people they love. As such, they will not be comfortable with leaving leaving their homes and parents to a new environment with new faces, especially when their parents are not going to be their with them. 

Help them to understand why they have to go to school. You can encourage them by telling them you will always come to pick them up and that other childeren will also be there withouth their parents.

No matter what happens, make sure your child understands that they must go to school every week from Monday to Friday.

You can always ask for support from their teachers on what to do to make them more comfortable with going to school.

At CrestForth International School, we give you the best support possible, as we work hand in hand with the parents and guardians to give our students the best.

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Crestforth International School is a private school offering a hybrid of Cambridge AIE, IEYC and IPC curricular for pre-toddler, toddle, nursery, and primary pupils.

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