Are you looking for a new school in Nigeria for your child? Few decisions are as important as choosing the right school for your child. There are many things to consider when you’re looking for a new school.

Many parents simply register their children in the school closest to their place of residence while some will go for the one their friend or neighbour told them about. All without doing proper research as to whether it is good for their child.

One thing is that there are no universal standards or definitions of what constitutes a good school, though there are basic criteria that should be met. Each parent or guardian has the responsibility to ensure that their child’s school will maximize his or her potential.

In this article, we have compiled a list of important things to consider when choosing a new school in Nigeria for your child.

9 Things to Consider When Choosing a New School In Nigeria For Your Child.

1. Does the School Have a Website?

Your first point of research is online. It’s a huge problem if the school doesn’t have an online presence. At the very least, a school you are considering for your child should have a website that provides information about them. You might want to visit the school or schedule a tour if you like what you see.

At CrestForth International School, we are always on par with current trends, that is why our school website is top-notch and very user friendly. This way, parents and guardians can easily have an understanding of our school even without visiting.

2. Quality of Teachers

What kind of teachers do they have? Are they qualified teachers? Are they qualified to instruct their classes? Teachers should not only have the necessary professional qualifications but also be passionate about their work. Ask yourself: Are the teachers passionate about their job? Do they like working with children?

It is also important to find out how the school treats teachers. What is the school’s policy on teacher training? Do teachers have mentorship opportunities? Are they able to move up in their careers? Are they well-paid? Are they paid on-time? What are the welfare benefits available for teachers?

Students’ lives are influenced by teachers. Before you make a decision, make sure you have the answers to these questions as it is one of the most important things in choosing a new school in Nigeria for your child.

At Crestforth International school, our teachers are the best. We take extra care in choosing our teachers as we know they play a pivotal role in the growth of your child.

3. Curriculum

The curriculum of a school is very important as it determines the quality of education your child gets. What’s the curriculum at the school? Is it relevant to the current job market? Is it flexible enough to allow you to learn 21st-century skills and technologies? It is how comprehensive it is.

These are the questions that you should ask about a school’s curriculum before they are considered.

At Crestforth International School, we adopt a hybrid of the world-class renowned IEYC and IPC curricula to ensure your child gets the same quality education obtainable around the globe.

4. Books and words for the young years

This is one of the things you should look out for when choosing a new school in Nigeria for your child. Children need to be surrounded with words in their early years. Ask about the availability of books in the classroom, and how often they visit the library. Ask teachers if they have time to read and tell stories, which is essential for children in this stage. A school should not only be depended on the books the parents buy for their children.

At Crestforth International School, you don’t need to worry about this as our teachers follow up each pupil to ensure they grow into highly intelligent persons that can compete on a global platform.

5. Extra Curricular Activities

Participation in extracurricular activities is vital for a child’s overall, mental, and emotional development. Ask the school about extracurricular activities before you make a decision on where to send your child.

Which sports are they involved in? What facilities are they able to use? What clubs are they involved in for science, social, and arts? Do students have the opportunity to travel and explore the world? Etc.

6. Parents-teachers-association

Does parents-teachers-association (PTA) exist at all? Is it strong and efficient? Is it possible for parents to freely voice their opinions in PTA meetings? Does the school value parental support and contributions? Is the school open to parents participating in decisions that affect the well-being of their children?

At Crestforth International School, we always value the opinion of our pupil’s parents and work together with them where necessary to ensure your child gets the best care possible.

7. Library

These are questions you might want to ask the school library. Is the library well-stocked?

Some schools have a small school library. You won’t find many standard books in this space. These schools are not to be trusted. A school library would show that they are serious about their students’ education.

8. Discipline

It is said that “man must be disciplined” because he is wild and raw by nature. Children can turn out to be good or bad depending upon how they are disciplined.

You should be concerned about the discipline of your child. There are several questions that you need to ask your child’s school about discipline.

Are there clear rules and regulations for students? Parents are they aware of the school’s rules and regulations? Is the school able to enforce sanctions or punishments for violations of the rules and regulations? What punishment does the school use to punish students who are not following rules? Are they more concerned with student numbers or financial gain than character building? Are teachers allowed to discipline students? Are parents allowed to stop discipline being applied?

You can continue to make other observations about schools if you are satisfied by the answers. Discipline is also very important.

At Crestforth International School, we follow the global acceptable standard in disciplining a pupil who commits any punishable offence. This is to make sure that every child is properly trained to be well behaved.

8. Transport

It is possible to inquire about school transportation. You might find that your schedule is too busy to allow you to transport your children to and from school. This can be a problem if you don’t have someone to drive. You should find out if there is a school transportation system that is accessible and affordable. Ask about the drop-off and pick-up times to find out if they are convenient for you.

In conclusion

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the best things you can ever do for your child. This is why you must take your time to research the best school for your child.

At CrestForth International School, we have well-trained and experienced teachers that are focused on scholastic development, personal growth, and the ethical enrichment of its pupils.

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