Are you a parent or guardian looking for the best primary school in Port Harcourt to enroll your child or ward? This articles then will give you the answers you seek.

We know the importance of early education in a childs formative years and the importance of have a primary school that will cater for your child with great care. 

Primary schools usually focus on the child’s development in all areas. This starts with socializing and learning new skills. It also involves engaging with fellow classmates. The primary school is committed to the child’s inner and outer growth. In all situations, a good primary school will make every effort to provide a supportive environment for children to learn and grow.

Traditional learning is possible only through primary schools. Primary schools not only teach basic mental and physical skills, but also encourage internal growth. Primary schools will dig into your child’s psyche. The child grows to be a better person as a result.

Therefore, parents shouldn’t think about skipping primary school for their children. Primary schooling is necessary for the child’s growth.

Primary schools understand children’s needs and prepare them for their future. The primary school focuses more on skills than preparing children for competition.

Why CrestForth International School Is The Best Primary School In Port Harcourt

CrestForth International School Port harcourt  is a government approved, well equipped Crèche, Nursery and Primary School with a curriculum that embraces the British curriculum right here in Port Harcourt, Rives State.

They offer a hybrid of two British curriculums which are the IEYC and the IPC curriculum which distinguishes them as the best school in Port Harcourt. Apart from this laudable feature, CrestForth International School is also a CAIE Accredited Center, which makes it a trusted partner of the British Council in Nigeria.

Crestforth International School enables pupils to be able to use a range of learning tools. Additionally, our teachers are exposed and trained in the latest teaching techniques offered by IPC and CAIE. These and other learning/teaching strategies will be merged in appreciation of the National Curriculum.

Crestforth International School provides a solid and structured curriculum as well as e-learning platforms that are competently delivered to prepare children for critical thinking and solving global challenges.

Our highly qualified professional teachers are what makes us stand out.

The school is situated in Port Harcourt, at the end of the tranquil, yet easily accessible Stadium Road. Crestforth International School is a safe and nurturing environment for children.

Some of our facilities include:

1. Science Laboratory

best primary school in port Harcourt is Crestforth International School

CrestForth International School Science Labouratory

The Science Laboratory is equipped with all the facilities necessary to provide a solid foundation for technological and scientific achievements.

Effective teaching and learning science requires a constant state for show-and-tell. Good schools combine classroom instruction with laboratory experiments to ensure that students fully grasp each concept. Laboratory experiments and classroom instruction are more beneficial for children. Children retain more information when they see the experiments being performed in front of them.

Students can interact directly with data collected by science lab equipment, and experience the benefits of doing experiments on their own. They use the models to understand scientific theories. Both students and teachers benefit from school science equipment and supplies, which make learning and teaching easier. Many scientific concepts and theories cannot be explained in books. Complex science theories can be easily understood using anatomy models and physics science kits.

By equipping schools with the latest materials and supplies, schools can contribute significantly to scientific advances of the future. Medical science and technology would not be possible without the hard work of talented scientists and researchers. Children develop an interest and passion for scientific research in science labs. When children are exposed to new things and do experiments, they learn how to think deeply about theories. Schools are crucial in raising engineers and doctors of the future.

2. ICT Lab with fast internet

best primary school in port Harcourt is Crestforth International School

CrestForth International ICT Labouratory

The ICT Lab can fulfill requirements for the Cambridge Assessment International Education, (CAIE), and other ICT-related aspects like Artificial Intelligence, Coding, etc.

Each private school and public school should have a computer laboratory in order to enhance students’ scientific and technological research and their invention abilities.

Students can spend time in a computer lab learning programming and automation. It will allow them to identify their career goals, entrepreneurial opportunities, and job possibilities. This will help them identify their career goals, entrepreneurial ideas and job opportunities.

These are the top tips for students using a computer lab.

  • Programming and building educational apps is possible for students.
  • To create books or notes, they can use document writing and editing applications.
  • You can also use Microsoft Excel to practice math equations.
  • Students can also learn about the most recent technologies, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and data analytics

3. Health Bay

The Health Bay can provide first aid care for our students and is managed by a highly qualified professional and a staff nurse. The school has an agreement with a well-respected hospital near it.

4. Language Lab

The Language Laboratory has the ability to create multilingual environments that foster creativity and cultural awareness.

5. Library

best primary schools in port harchourt library crestforth

CrestForth International School Library

The Library contains a variety of relevant and useful books that encourage critical thinking and problem solving. The learning environment is designed to encourage research and study within the designated learning scope.

6. Home Economics Lab

The Home Economics Laboratory was designed to meet all practical requirements, including baking, sewing, knitting and cooking. Both genders are encouraged to take an interest in these types of activities by the environment.

7. Music Room

best primary schools in port harcourt

CrestForth International Schools Music Room

The Music Room has a variety of musical instruments that are suitable for children. A learner should be able to play at least one musical instrument by the end of primary school. You can choose from keyboard, drums or guitar, as well as saxophones, recorders, guitars and violins.

8. Creative Arts Studio

The Art and Craft Studio was designed and organized to help learners discover and develop their artistic talents.

9. A Multi-purpose Hall

Multipurpose Hall has a small seating capacity and an adjourning backstage area. This hall has state-of-the-art facilities that offer comfort for the audience and other participants.

10. Mini Farm

Our School Farm is intended to educate on a range of topics related to agriculture and create awareness about the importance of farming for our society.

11. Mini Sports Complex (football pitch, mini-golf course, basketball/volleyball as well as lawn tennis/badminton court).

Two Multi-Purpose Mini Fields with synthetic grass make up the Mini Sporting Complex. The Multi-Purpose Mini Field with synthetic grass hosts a 5-aside pitch, a soccer field and a mini golf course. The second Multi-Purpose mini field hosts basketball, volleyball and badminton. This Playground is equipped with slides, swings, and a trampoline.

Crestforth International School offers a variety of co-curricular activities that are well-planned and executed.

  • Public Speaking
  • Etiquette
  • Dance and Drama
  • Karate
  • Ballet
  • STEM Club
  • Photography
  • Robotics

In Conclusion, these and more are some of the reasons why CrestForth International School is the best primary school in Port Harcourt. 

Want to enroll your child or ward. Visit the admissions page to learn more.

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