It is my pleasure, on behalf of management, staff, and pupils of Crestforth International School to welcome and thank you for visiting our website.

Crestforth International School was born out of the desire to bring hope to every child entrusted in our care; to make the life of every pupil a fertile land – where the seed of creativity grows, blossoms and remains a beacon of hope to many. In our quest to achieving all these, we shall ensure the provision of required facilities our learners need to spring forth as we lay the foundations that prepare them as major players in the global events.

Crestforth International School’s vision is embedded in its name. The name is the summary of its vision. Therefore, its vision is a reflection of its name. The name – Crestforth – reminds us of its origin that ignites the passion which gave birth to this vision.  We are highly inspired, equipped, energized, and encouraged as this keeps us going in times of challenges and keeps us on our feet in moments of victories.

Crestforth International School is a contribution to the development of early childhood education and response to providing solutions that learners require to excel in their quest for global attainment.

Crestforth International School provides an atmosphere that enhances, equips, and empowers the learners and their teachers to interact; promotes critical thinking in resolving every given task within a friendly learning environment.

We thank you for sharing this unique moment with us.

We look forward to receiving your children to our school.

Thank you.



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